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Friday, March 9, 2018

Norton Health Care: Expertise in the field of addiction treatment

In earlier days, patients who were addicted to heroin or other opioids could only be treated in a "methadone clinic" or other center. Patients had to go back every day; multiple days of treatment were dispensed only for weekends. At the edge of the year 1999, the Drug Addiction Treatment Act allowed physicians with special training to prescribe buprenorphine to these patients. Now patients could be treated privately, in their physicians' offices in a hassle-free manner along with the easier access to their medication and proper monitoring by their doctor, people would be more likely to stay in treatment. But, because buprenorphine became more available in homes, there were more opportunities for buprenorphine poisonings to occur in both adults and children.

Two forms of buprenorphine…
Buprenorphine comes in two forms, as a tablet or as a film. A "film" is a thin, rapidly dissolving strip that contains medication. Both are used by holding in the mouth. This allows better absorption of the medication. Since, they are designed to be held in the mouth, they are pleasantly flavored. Buprenorphine is prescribed for adults being treated for opioid dependence or chronic pain. It is also prescribed as a pain medication for pets after surgery. 

Norton Health Care…

Common symptoms of buprenorphine poisoning in children are drowsiness, vomiting, slow breathing, increased heart rate, and agitation. Coma and death have also been reported. Most buprenorphine poisoning in children occurs due to improper storage of the medication in the home. To get rid from this poisonous habit, asking for help from any addiction treatment center is the best option to get cured. Norton Health Care center is a reputed drug treatment center in Massachusetts known for its Buprenorphine treatment and has a team of specialized buprenorphine treatment doctors. Norton Health Care center has an experience of 10 years in delivering services like subutex treatment and heroin treatment MA. Our expertise in the field of drug treatment will provide you services as per your stage of addiction. Therefore, without wasting a single minute immediately get in touch with the Norton Health Care. For more information:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Book appointment with Norton health care and get rid from heroin addiction

Despite the tough anti-drug laws in US, a new survey shows that country has the highest level of illegal drug use in the world. According to a new global drug report, Heroin consumption has reached the highest level in last 20 years.

Quoting the trends “alarming" the report said, heroin is the deadliest drug worldwide, and its increasing use in the U.S. is of particular concern. According to the report there were about one million heroin users in the U.S. in 2014, almost three times the number in 2003.

 Understanding the importance of the situation and changing trends in US. Norton Health Care Centre- one of the leading rehabilitation Centre in Massachusetts known for its professional team of doctors and latest technique of treatment, offers you the best Drug addiction treatment. 

The Heroin treatment Center provides you both the treatment i.e medicine treatment also known as pharmacological treatment and another one is behavioral treatment which is considered as the complete solution for heroin addiction.

The Heroin treatment Massachusetts process includes detoxification, in which the heroin addict is prescribed to detox the body from the drug. This is the most difficult situation for the drug addicts as surviving without heroin in s very painful. At this stage the patient cannot function normally without Heroin and the patient goes into withdrawal. Apart from this the center also provide you with buprenorphine treatment for all kind of addictions be it general opiate or heroin addiction

Understanding this, we aim that patients are treated with great care during the cure. As to overcome any addiction one need to feel motivated to control their urges to commit to drugs like Heroin once again. Therefore we ensure to provide Heroin treatment MA not just through medicines, but, also through counseling sessions that help them to motivate. For more information:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Heroin treatment addiction only at your nearest OpiateCare clinic

Earlier in the 20th century, the term “Heroin addict” was only reserved for people who either came from poor backgrounds or people who we outcasts of the society. But 21st century heroin addicts have a new face, a new persona; suburban teenagers and even parents in some cases. Heroin in the recent years has exploded into suburban America, places that define the American dream and the infection is growing at an unprecedented rate. 

But it’s not only suburbia that is being affected, in fact the entirety of the American people are being affected as heroin is a drug that makes life hard not only for the user but also the ones around them. The year 2013 alone saw 8,200 deaths relating to heroin overdoses and that number is rising fast. But to curb those dreadful numbers, heroin users can avail heroin treatment in MA today itself at their nearest OpiateCare clinic.

OpiateCare is one of the most renowned heroin addiction treatment Center in the United States of America and employs certified and experienced heroin treatment doctors MA. Once you book an appointment with OpiateCare, certified doctors will prescribe you with any of the following treatments depending upon the severity of the addiction:-

1.       Suboxone treatment.

2.       Subutex treatment.

3.       Heroin addiction treatment.

4.       Buprenorphine treatment.

5.       Opiate Addiction treatment.

6.       Oxycodone addiction treatment.

7.       Percocet treatment. 

Heroin or other any Opiate for the matter is addictive and the addiction is such that it will latch on for life. Get rid of this debilitating habit with heroin treatment MA only at OpiateCare. For more information:

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Book an appointment for Heroin Treatment Center in Massachusetts

Heroin Treatment Center
No other drug or opiate is as addictive as Heroin, an illegal schedule-1 drug derived from the Asian plant,’Poppy’. New and old users of the drugs alike are either at a high risk of getting addicted or already are. OpiateCare has a wide range of treatments at their Heroin Treatment Center. If you or a family member is addicted to the drug, Book an appointment for Heroin treatment MA.
Most heroin users will not know about the root of this drug, so here are a few facts.
Heroin made a fortune for the pharmaceutical company, Bayer, when they launched Heroin and Asprin as a painkiller for children and adults in the 1890’s in the USA. But soon reports emerged of patients reporting increasing dependence on the drug which eventually led to its ban. Heroin has a range of street names which include  “junk”, “train”, “tar”, “smack”, “H”, “boy”, “white horse”, “brown”, “black” and “chiva” among others. It has seen an increase in use, especially in the past decade. The other health risk presented by heroin use is the possibility of an overdose, wherein the user experiences breathing problems and eventually might fall into a coma. Withdrawal symptoms after quitting the drug are also on the extremes as the user might experience severe mood swings and might even contemplate suicide.
Why is Heroin so addictive?
Most people who take heroin will become addicted within 12 weeks of consistent use. Heroin basically taps into your brain almost instantly after consumption via smoking the drug, chasing its fumes or as most users administer it, intravenous injections. It goes on further to block your dopamine receptors, which are responsible for handling emotional pain. Users' experience a “rush” after consumption and this is what keeps them coming back to the drug.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Choose the Right Heroin Treatment Center

Heroin Treatment Center

Suffering from Heroin addiction, book your appointment today at a nearest Norton Healthcare Heroin treatment center. Heroin addiction has severe side effects on the human body as it causes dependency of body and mind on the drug and hampers the daily life and day to day activities of a person. Further, it will not just disrupt your life, but will also disrupt the life of your loved ones. Thus, it is important that one should seek counseling and take a proper Heroin treatment MA  for Heroin Adiction.

While consulting for the Heroin treatment MA, one has to decide whether one has to choose an inpatient treatment center or an outpatient treatment center. Both inpatient and outpatient centers have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Inpatient Heroin treatment center are generally expensive as they are luxurious and are full service rehab centers. These inpatient centers provide patients with pristine and addiction free environment and efficiently takes care of the patients with love and support. However, they lack social interaction for the addicts with the outside world, even though they provide counseling sessions to the patients at regular intervals.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Heroin Treatment Center In Your Neighborhood

Heroin treatment center

Fight Heroin addiction! Book your appointment today at Heroin treatment center. Norton health care centers provide you the best care and heroin addiction treatment. Don’t let addiction overshadow you and hamper yours and the life of your loved ones.

Heroin treatment MA  from Norton Health care will help you to free yourself from the chains of Heroin addiction and will help you to live your life with dignity and love and support from others. Apart from Heroin addiction, we at Norton Health Care also provide addiction treatment for Percocet and Alcohol and all types of addictions.

All our Heroin treatment center  are equipped with up to date infrastructure and a team of well qualified doctors, nurses and highly capable back office staff.  A provide a perfect OBOT i.e. office based opiate treatment set up so that you can easily take the medication under the doctor’s guidance. At Norton we provide services such as outpatient treatment, regular personal care, Methadone cleanup planning, counseling sessions and on-site pshycotherapy,  etc.