Monday, November 28, 2016

Treatment for Percocet addiction – The things you didn’t know


When we hear the word ‘addiction’, either of these two things comes to mind; drugs or food. Luckily people who are addicted to food can get rid of it via stressful but comparatively easy means. But when the game shifts to drugs, it’s a whole new different level altogether. Now when the word ‘drugs’ comes up, what do you think of? Does the holy trinity of Heroin, cocaine and LSD come to mind? To some extent you guessed it right; these are the three drugs that have plagued civilizations for centuries. But another type of drug, something that’s horrifically legal, is overlooked by most individuals – Prescription pills, or to be more on point here – Percocet. Luckily you can seek help for percocet treatment in Massachusetts.
What is Percocet?
Percocet is the brand name of a prescription drug that combines Oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone, apart from its infamous abuse rate, is a full agonist opioid. It is derived from the morphine and at times, even heroin.
Percocet, like most opioids, activates the brain’s “feel good” centre. Users have claimed that the way the drug makes them feel is the reason they get hooked to it. But use a lot of it and it starts acting backwards. Just like heroin.

The consequences?
Percocet consumption, like most opioid based drugs has an unfortunate result. It can cause a person to choke, or in some cases even slow down breathing to the point that the heart stops. Percocet related deaths are on the decline but nonetheless it’s quite popular among long time drug addicts.

The cure?

Fortunately, a treatment for Percocet addiction is available at OpiateCare. The treatments might vary according to the level of addiction a person is suffering from; hence we cannot give you the precise names of the medicines right away. But once the patient is checked by our certified doctors, the medicines are administered in controlled doses which the patient cannot over do.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Book an appointment for Heroin Treatment Center in Massachusetts

Heroin Treatment Center
No other drug or opiate is as addictive as Heroin, an illegal schedule-1 drug derived from the Asian plant,’Poppy’. New and old users of the drugs alike are either at a high risk of getting addicted or already are. OpiateCare has a wide range of treatments at their Heroin Treatment Center. If you or a family member is addicted to the drug, Book an appointment for Heroin treatment MA.
Most heroin users will not know about the root of this drug, so here are a few facts.
Heroin made a fortune for the pharmaceutical company, Bayer, when they launched Heroin and Asprin as a painkiller for children and adults in the 1890’s in the USA. But soon reports emerged of patients reporting increasing dependence on the drug which eventually led to its ban. Heroin has a range of street names which include  “junk”, “train”, “tar”, “smack”, “H”, “boy”, “white horse”, “brown”, “black” and “chiva” among others. It has seen an increase in use, especially in the past decade. The other health risk presented by heroin use is the possibility of an overdose, wherein the user experiences breathing problems and eventually might fall into a coma. Withdrawal symptoms after quitting the drug are also on the extremes as the user might experience severe mood swings and might even contemplate suicide.
Why is Heroin so addictive?
Most people who take heroin will become addicted within 12 weeks of consistent use. Heroin basically taps into your brain almost instantly after consumption via smoking the drug, chasing its fumes or as most users administer it, intravenous injections. It goes on further to block your dopamine receptors, which are responsible for handling emotional pain. Users' experience a “rush” after consumption and this is what keeps them coming back to the drug.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment Book Your Appointment Today!

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

The year 2013 stunned the world when the world saw a record number of heroin-related deaths in the United States states. The highly addictive opiate-based drug took the lives of nearly 8200 people, a number that shocked experts as it was 4 times more than the heroin- related death toll in the year 2002. The span of just one decade saw an increased number of heroin users, and surprisingly 80% of them started off with prescription pills like OxyContin and Methadone. Heroin was just a cheap alternative to the legal medication prescribed for post-trauma (especially for soldiers who served in Iraq) and used as a painkiller for any physical pain. To combat the onset of  heroin addiction and to help patients get rid of this disease, buprenorphine treatments were invented. So, if you or any other member of your family suffer from  buprenorphine addiction, be assured that there is a cure with our successful buprenorphine treatments. Along with the brilliant de-addiction treatment, we also have experienced and certified buprenorphine treatment doctors who will guide the patient through the painful withdrawal stage to the complete rehabilitation of the mind and the body.  Be it general opiate addiction or Heroine addiction, Book your Buprenorphine treatment in Massachusetts today with the leading and authorized Buprenorphine treatment doctors at all our OBOT (Office Based Opiate Treatment) Norton Health Care centers.
Is it really helpful?
Heroin in most cases leave the users with a severe dependence on the drug and in the case of someone trying to quit it, leads to severely painful withdrawals. But buprenorphine is the actual solution to the problem of withdrawal. It isn’t addictive, the opiate effect is mild and furthermore, it eases up the withdrawal symptoms that generally plague quitting heroin addicts.