Sunday, December 18, 2016

Suboxone doctors ma: A giant leap in the face of medicines


 Medicine has been in existence ever since the early human beings discovered fire, or maybe even before that. But one thing we are sure of is that the field of medicine has taken giant leaps and bounds towards numerous advancements over the centuries. Initially people were more dependent on medicine that were extracted from natural sources such as plants and trees, but with the growing number of diseases called for better and stronger meds. And that is when antibiotics came into play. 

In today’s medical scenario we have technologies and drugs that seem like they’re straight from a science fiction film. We now have Valves for the heart which help people avoid cardiac arrests, we have medical robots that patrol hospital wards and monitor the conditions of patients, we have electronic aspirins that can be sent directly to the brain for an immediate effect, we have the bionic eye “Argus II”; a technology where in a camera feed from a sunglass is fed into an artificial retina on a blind person’s eye, and then we have Suboxone, the miracle drug that acts as a relief for patients suffering from heroin addiction. 

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